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About Us

Established in 1982, we are a group of approximately 90 people who love to paint. Our meetings are held once a month September to June. Actual dates are announced after the hall is booked. We like to encourage our members to bring along any of your painted pieces for our "show and tell" table. We enjoy seeing other people's work.

The Definition of Folk Art

The Society of Decorative Painters defines decorative painting (folk art)as a diverse art form that utilizes a variety of techniques and media to decorate functional and nonfunctional surfaces.
Contemporary decorative painting (folk art) is a teachable art form because of the systematic method that is employed. The use of either pre-drawn or freehand designs allows a high degree of success without academic training or inherent drawing ability. Approached with creativity, discipline and craftsmanship, contemporary decorative painting offers opportunities for artistic self-expression and creative satisfaction.


The monthly meetings are held from September to June. Each meeting consists of a brief business meeting followed by either an instructed painting session or a social/luncheon function. Our meetings are held once a month on the second (2nd) Monday of the month from 9AM to 12PM. This only changes when the date interferes with a holiday and in that case the date is changed dependent on the availability of the hall. The meeting are held at the Peterborough Lions Centre located at 349 Burnham Street(East City) Peterborough, Ontario. Seven of those are painting sessions, the other three are social/luncheon functions which are the Opening (September), Christmas (December) and the Closing (June) meetings. At each of the seven meetings the program committee will have selected a project and a teacher will take you through the steps. You are informed of the project in advance as sometimes prep. work may be necessary. Most projects will be completed in the time allowed.


One of the main features of our guild is our library. We have an excellent selection of books, pattern packets, magazines, videos and DVD's which you can borrow free of charge. You must be a member and wear your name tag to order anything from the library.


Each year we make up a chart for "MUFFIN DUTY". You will be asked to put your name beside a month that you will be able to bring one (1) dozen muffins. Butter tarts, cookies. loaves,etc. are great as well. If you can not make the meeting you signed up for, please arrange for a friend who is also a member to bring your goodies.

Community Involvement

Memory Boxes

We provide the boxes to paint which we donate to the Maternal Care Program at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.


The $40.00 membership is due at the September meeting and is non-refundable and non-transferable. You are welcome to attend one guild meeting as a guest prior to joining. Once you are a member you may bring a guest of your own to a meeting. The membership fees are used to keep the guild running for the year. Our expenses include the hall rental, teachers fees, coffee, tea, condiments, prizes, library. Christmas charity project, memory boxes and newsletter costs. The guild is run purely on volunteer efforts of the executive. We all derive satisfaction in seeing the club run smoothly. To keep this happening we need lots of help and new faces are more than welcome. Joining a committee is a sure way to get to know other painters fast.
In order to offset the rental charges for the meeting room a charge of $2.00 is collected.
The executive works hard to keep the year entertaining. We are always looking for new ideas or an extra set of hands to help out various committees. If you feel you can help, please let us know.

Supplies Checklist

Please bring the following supplies to every class:

Basic Essentials